How to Make Him Mine Forever! He Will Never Think About Leaving You After You Follow This Advice

It’s one thing to make a man commit to a relationship, but it’s another thing to make him commit to that relationship forever. Women don’t find it hard at all to lay down their lives for the one man they love. But for men, you have to literally drag some of them towards the path of eternal union.If you are in a relationship and want to have your man with you until the end, it can be done but you need to exert an effort and a lot of patience.Evaluate your situation with an open mind
This is very important. You have to know first if you’re ready for forever. Maybe you’re just carried away because of your friend’s sudden engagement. You have to realize if it’s the best time to really prepare for being together for good.Be ready in all aspects
Be ready to make adjustments. If you want to keep your man, it means that you’re ready to accept his flaws too. You have to remember that it’s an all in one package. It’s a take it or leave it situation. Once you are sure, that’s the only time you can move forward.Lovingly stroke his ego
If his ego is continuously fed, is there any reason for him to leave the relationship? Would he leave a place where it feels good and he is wanted? The answer is NO. Compliment your guy every once in a while. Just like you, he needs attention, too.Don’t try to control him
A man needs authority and when you act like you’ve got the wheels, it can drive him nuts. The last thing a man needs is a control freak. You have to avoid being too controlling; it will make him run as far away from you as possible.Take interest in his interests
If you don’t like sports, well you have to like it even just a little. Whatever he is into, you need to at least try to like. A man feels secured in a woman who can be flexible enough to accept his interests.Cook for him-occasionally
Remember that your goal here is to make him yours forever. If you can whip up good and delicious meals, he would think of you more on a long term basis since cooking is more connected to being a wife and a mother. If you’re a great cook, he will envision you as his great wife and the mother of his future children.Avoid drama
Men don’t like drama, and females engage in such emotionally-draining scenario. If you feed him with drama every single time you’re together, the less he will be encouraged to take your relationship to a higher level.

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